About Us

Welcome to our new page of travel. On this site, we will focus mainly on traveling with a family.

Many people tend to believe that once they have children, they will no longer be able to travel the world. This thought is false in more ways than one. I have personally found that traveling with my children is very rewarding. In fact, I have more fun traveling with my children that I ever did traveling alone or with a friend. The excitement in their eyes when they see a new place or take a new adventure is well worth the trouble of packing the extra suitcases, paying for extra travel fees, and dealing with children who can sometimes be quite needy.

Traveling with our children has been one of the greatest gifts my husband and I could give our children. As we homeschool them, we use our travels as part of the curriculum. It’s amazing how much they learn about different places in the cultures while on our travels.

And, yes, I understand that traveling with the family is more expensive. That is why I began the site. On this site, we’ll be offering tips to help you save money on family travel and how you and your family cannot only survive, but thrive at any destination. I hope you will follow us.