Flying with Your Children

When people think of flying with kids in tow, many decide to play it safe and just stay home. We all know that flying with kids can be stressful. Many people without children complain about parents flying with their children in tow. Just thinking of those people and their glaring eyes can leave you shaking in the knees. You also have to consider what you will do if something is wrong while flying with them. What happens if your child throws a fit on the airplane? What if they decide they want to run all over the plane rather than sit still? What if they get sick?

There are so many things that can happen on when you travel with your children. Is it really worth the trouble? This is why my friend who does roof repair in Buford Ga doesn’t travel with their kids anymore. It is just too much of a hassle!

Well, in my years of fighting with children, we have only experienced one issue that lasted around 15 minutes. Our youngest to just turned two years old and we were flying overseas. Our lovely two-year-old refused to put on her seatbelt for take off. She began screaming, and we were horrified. We could fill eyes all around us glaring at the screaming toddler. Eventually, she calmed down and the flight continued, but that was a long 15 minutes. Other than that one time, we have never had issues flying with our children.

So, what advice do I have to find children? I mean piece of advice is to teach your children good manners and respect. When children learn that everything is not all about them, they tend to control themselves better. And for those flying without children, the best advice is to have a little patience tolerance. Flying is a public affair, so you can only expect there may be children on board. You can’t simply ask them not to fly. It’s understandable that a screaming child can be frustrating, especially because you had to pay for your ticket, but the best way to get through a fight with unruly children is to control yourself.

And, as the parent, you know your children better than anyone. If your child typically enjoys relaxing to certain music or videos, or if they like to draw, take things on the flight with you that will keep them entertained and relatively quiet. Doing so will be beneficial to you, your children, and everyone else on board.