Learning on the Road

One of the main questions we get while traveling with our children is about their schooling. Many people seem to think that children must go to a school in order to receive their education we, on the other hand, disagree strongly with this. My husband and I believe that children learn best through living life to the fullest. Because of our philosophies, schooling as we travel comes naturally. This post is brought to you by San Marcos Tx Movers!

When we first began our journey on the road, our travel goals included things such as ways we can have fun as a family. Over the years, our goals have changed to going places where we can further encourage what our children are interested in. For example, when our oldest was interested in Pirates, we traveled to several places that talks about pirates and their lifestyle. We purchased books and games about pirates to encourage reading skills, and took part in several reenactments to encourage creativity. When our youngest decided he wanted to learn survival skills, we visited several Native American tribes in our journeys since we were in the United States at the time. There were many cultural lessons learned during that time as well.

All this to say that children learn from the things they see and do, not only from sitting at a desk in the classroom. I’m amazed at how much my children have learned through our travels. Not only have they learned many things that other students get through books, but they have become more aware of other cultures and how to interact with people different from themselves. I wouldn’t trade the education my children for anything.

If you have been holding off on traveling children finish school, perhaps you should reconsider. Those early years are the best time for your children to be exposed to the world around them. The lessons they learn from traveling will follow them the rest of their lives.